Syria Crisis: The story of the Conflict

Syria Women forced to trade as a Sex Worker

The world is so cruel and Syria is proving the proverb every now and then. Earlier, around 100 civilians, 20 of them were children, were killed in a rebel bombardment attack on Eastern Ghouta on Monday. And now, women in Syria are forced to serve the flavor for aid from the United Nations. Recent reports revealed that millions of poor women have been forced to desperately favor for aid with sex. Reports reveal that local distributors working for major international non-profit agencies are demanding for sexual flavor before providing food to displaced Syrian Women. Widows, single mother, and poor girls are an easy target for the abuse.


Sex exploitation is so widespread that Syrian women have refused to get a shelter at aid distribution points. Reported by one of the UN’s former senior officials, it is revealed that there have been around 60000 rapes committed by international aid workers in the last ten years. Such statistics are really disgusting. Hope Syria too soon can lead a life in a peaceful environment.

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